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We import, manufacture and
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El Mundo for the manufacture, import and export of foodstuffs was established in 2018, and thanks to its continuous commitment to providing the highest quality, healthy and safe food products and market excellence, it has become the preferred brand in all Chinese markets today. El Mundo aims to build a strong economic database capable of predicting future conditions and developments and setting firm plans to face challenges and difficulties, to be a high-heeled company in the market.

The company has been keen to establish its presence in all market centers, inside shops, cafes, associations, restaurants and hotels. And that through direct dealing and experience in displaying distinctive products, and succeeded in being the best exporter in the market. The high demand for our food products and the market awareness of the quality and health of our products always push us to take new steps to provide a variety of high-quality foodstuffs. We are also making efforts to develop and upgrade better to meet the needs and desires of our customers.